KeyShot 2024 Release Notes

Eine Übersicht der Funktionen und Verbesserungen in KeyShot 2024 finden Sie hier:

Version 2024.1

Security fixes

  • KEYS-31073: Fixed improper initialization weakness in relation to BIP file parsing
  • KEYS-31074: Fixed improper input validation weakness in relation to BIP file parsing
  • KEYS-31198: Fixed DLL planting vulnerability in relation to BIP file parsing
  • KEYS-31740: Fixed improper input validation weakness in relation to BIP file parsing

New Features

  • KEYS-31218: Added a quick-menu to script ribbon button
  • KEYS-30655: Added new “Sharpen“ Image Style effect


  • KEYS-30338: Improved the performance of GPU mode
  • KEYS-31202: KeyShot, Network Rendering, and the KeyShot Viewer will now install versionlessly
  • KEYS-30423: Made improvements to the look of AxF Measured Materials
  • KEYS-31069: Added support for the following CAD versions:
    • CATIA V6 / 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Read: R2024x
    • Solid Edge 3D Read: 2024
    • SOLIDWORKS 3D Read: 2024
    • UG NX 3D Read: NX 2306 Series (until 23067000)
  • KEYS-30631: Minimum required GPU driver version has been updated to version 535 or newer
  • KEYS-31220: Removed the function to Upload to the KeyShot Cloud Library
  • KEYS-29410: Added support for Roughness Textures in Volumetric AxF materials
  • KEYS-29412: Added support for Specular Normal textures in Volumetric AxF materials
  • KEYS-30495: Removed Flash video output format
  • KEYS-30743: Removed Alias import on Mac
  • KEYS-30836: Silent installation can now specify use of subscription license
  • KEYS-30908: Added support for Rhino 8 files
  • KEYS-31188: Updated RAL color palette to version 2024
  • KEYS-31266: Added compression of scenes
  • KEYS-31509: Only enable arrow keyboard shortcut for environment brightness/contrast adjustments in the real-time view


  • KEYS-31009: Fixed a memory leak with legacy textures
  • KEYS-30708: Fixed a crash in Material Templates when using special characters
  • KEYS-30861: Fixed occasional crash when rendering very high resolution images
  • KEYS-31092: Fixed a bug that caused the realtime view denoiser to show an old image
  • KEYS-31499: Fixed a crash that could occur when unlinking materials
  • KEYS-31507: Fixed a bug that caused luxgetRenderOptions() to return incorrect information
  • KEYS-27707: Fixed an offset between the mouse and the UI in the Touch-Friendly presentation mode
  • KEYS-30466: Fixed an issue with incorrect region
  • KEYS-30739: Fixed an issue that caused Texture Area Lights to output too much light in GPU mode
  • KEYS-30756: Added support for displaced geometry in FBX exporter
  • KEYS-31005: Fixed a bug that caused the minimum size of the Project panel to be wider than intended
  • KEYS-31013: Fix rare crash when deleting parts in the scene tree
  • KEYS-31016: Fixed a crash when creating Render Passes with a large number of hidden objects
  • KEYS-31119: Fixed crash in FBX export
  • KEYS-31163: Fixed a bug that caused reloading the Frontplate image to not work
  • KEYS-31175: Fixed an issue where the alpha of Frontplates got premultiplied
  • KEYS-31199: Improved responsiveness of the realtime view when adjusting materials
  • KEYS-31245: Fixed a bug that caused the Geometry View Camera to be incorrect after model import
  • KEYS-31286: Fixed a bug that caused “Use Target as Pivot” to not update the camera correctly
  • KEYS-31388: Fixed a bug that caused materials to be initialized with black colors when added to the scene
  • KEYS-31500: Fixed an incorrect Shadow calculation for texture scattering mediums in GPU mode
  • KEYS-31521: Fixed a bug that caused textures to be UV mapped incorrectly

KeyShot product brochure (PDF)

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