KeyShot 2023 Release Notes

Eine Übersicht der Funktionen und Verbesserungen in KeyShot 2023 finden Sie hier:

Version 2023.3

Security fixes

  • KEYS-29851: Behebung einer Sicherheitslücke bei Drittanbietern beim Laden von SAT-Dateien über den Importer.
  • KEYS-30397: Unsere Datenschutzrichtlinie wurde aktualisiert.
  • KEYS-30492: Eine vom ZDI entdeckte Sicherheitslücke beim Laden fehlerhafter KSP/BIP-Dateien wurde behoben.

New Features

  • KEYS-26021: Leistungsmodus für GPU hinzugefügt.
  • SCHLÜSSEL-30011: NCS-Farben zur Farbbibliothek hinzugefügt.
  • KEYS-30066: Es wurde die Möglichkeit hinzugefügt, mit Studios in Skripten zu arbeiten.
  • KEYS-29573: Neue Farbfunktionen hinzugefügt:
  • Farbmodus
  • Farbwege
  • Mehrfarbig
  • Verwendung der gleichen Farbinstanz für mehrere Materialien
  • Liste der Szenenfarben im Color Picker
  • KEYS-29573: ACES wurde als neue Bildtransformationsoption hinzugefügt.


  • KEYS-29552: Der Solomodus wurde so geändert, dass er unabhängig von Lichtern und Objekten funktioniert.
  • KEYS-27419: Renderebenen sollten jetzt korrekt das Bildformat des aktiven Rendertyps verwenden.
  • KEYS-29995: Es wurde eine Option hinzugefügt, um die Benennung auf Instanzebene für 3dxml- und NX-Importe beizubehalten.
  • KEYS-26082: Verbesserte Reaktionsfähigkeit der Echtzeitansicht beim Verschieben von Modellen mit vielen Teilen.
  • KEYS-27632: Aktualisiertes SketchUp SDK auf 2023.1.
  • KEYS-29026: Verbesserte Instanzaufbewahrung im Creo View-Importer, Reduzierung der Dateigröße für bestimmte Dateien, bei denen die Instanziierung zuvor fehlschlug.
  • KEYS-29167: Das Ziehen einer Knotenausgabe im Materialdiagramm hebt jetzt gültige Verbindungspunkte hervor.
  • KEYS-29377: Die Leistung beim Laden und Rendern im GPU-Modus wurde verbessert.
  • KEYS-29554: Die Auswahl im Lichtmanager wählt jetzt die Teile in der Szene aus.
  • KEYS-29611: Die Warnung bei zu vielen Jobs im Monitor wurde auf 2000 Jobs erhöht.
  • KEYS-29852: Zugriff und Manipulation von Kameras als Szenenknoten über Skripting.
  • KEYS-30158: Aktualisiert auf Python 3.11.5. Enthält Sicherheits- und Fehlerbehebungen.
  • KEYS-30246: Die Thumbnails der Materialdateien der Bibliothek wurden komprimiert, was zu schnelleren Ladezeiten der Bibliothek führt.
  • KEYS-30341: FBXSDK wurde auf 2020.3.4 aktualisiert.
  • KEYS-30716 und KEYS-30091: Unterstützung hinzugefügt für:
    • ACIS 3D-Lesen: 2023 1.0
    • Inventor 3D-Lesen: 2024
    • Parasolid 3D-Lesen: V36.0
    • Revit 3D Lesen: 2024
    • UG NX 3D Lesen: NX 2212 Serie (bis zu 2212.7000)
    • UG NX 3D Einlesen: NX 2306 Serie (bis 2306.4000)
    • Creo 10.0

Version 2023.2


  • KeyShotXR renders can now be attached to Web Viewer uploads, making the XRs viewable on the web.
  • Added Camera Keyframe Animation type.

Security Fixes

  • Updated FFMPEG to version 6.0 due to security vulnerabilities.
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1t due to security vulnerabilities.

New Features

  • Color of Brush Shape indicator for 3D Paint is now content aware.
  • Added Motion Blur amount slider.
  • Angle now correctly reflect in brush indicator in 3D Paint.
  • Brush indicator will now be projected onto the object being painted.
  • Added pen tablet with pressure sensitivity support for 3D Paint.
  • Hotkeys for adjusting the 3D Paint Brush size while painting in the Real-time View.
  • Users can upload scenes with multiple model sets, without the need to save them as configuration.


  • Fixed issue with subscription when using background render.
  • Brush Shape indicator is rotated correctly for 3D Paint with Follow Path enabled.
  • Updated styling of buttons in Position texture widget.
  • Removed the warning when rendering to the PSD 32-bit format.
  • Scripting: Import KMP (in addition to MTL) files using lux.importMaterials().
  • Moved Depth of Field accordion above Stereo accordion in Camera Settings.
  • When outputting CMF to PDF format, allows the user to choose the maximum number of columns the table can contain before creating a new table with the remaining columns.
  • 3D Paint now always draws stamp on first click.
  • FBX export supports instancing from KeyShot.
  • Added support for:
    • CATIA V5 3D Read: V5-6R2023 (R33)
    • Parasolid 3D Read: V35.1
    • UG NX 3D Read: NX 2212 Series (until 2212.4000)
  • Improved the drawing distance of objects in the Geometry View.
  • Import support for Maya 2024 files.
  • .u3m import now sets the Color Composite node to the new Overlay mode, rather than the legacy Overlay mode.
  • Added preference option to adjust size of Move Tool gizmo.


  • Fixed a crash when switching Material Type to Wireframe.
  • Duplicating a part contained in a group now properly updates the Scene Tree.
  • Fixed usage of Axalta materials using scripting.
  • Fixed “Ignore Intersecting Geometry” in Gem material to be working again.
  • Fixed issue with workspaces not being saved correctly on multi-screen setups.
  • Fixed record mode icon colors.
  • Fixed rare crash when using legacy texture mapping on ARM.
  • Fixed rare crash when initializing GPU mode with IES lights visible in the realtime view.
  • Fixed direct illumination of diffuse materials viewed through transparent materials in GPU Interior mode.
  • Fix potential crash when deleting groups through livelinking while GPU mode is active.
  • Fix problem where the import of CVS colors would not work.
  • Made a fix to the texturing when exporting to GLTF and 3MF.

Version 2023.1

New Features

  • It is now possible to add existing properties of materials in the library, to the Material Information Schema in the Schema Editor.
  • Added Coloro color library.
  • Added ability to animate Textures using a Curve Fade animation node in the material graph.
  • Added a Web Viewer button to the ribbon.
  • Added an option to disable color profile conversion to textures.
  • Save material package through Scripting.
  • Add ASE export to the color library.
  • Added multi-selection to camera, environment and image style lists.
  • Added support for Multi-Layer EXR files.
  • The Color Profile of KeyShot will now be saved to rendered images.
  • Added shortcuts to enable selection of a group or model by clicking on a part n the real-time view.



  • Improved UV coordinates of primitive geometry.
  • Updated to Datakit 2023.1
  • Updated Python to version 3.11.1.
  • Improved load of materials when opening the Material Information Manager.
  • Updated RAL color system to 2022.
  • Added tools to the main menubar.
  • Removed Experimental features.
  • Support labels and RAW passes via Scripting rendering settings.
  • Added image attachments to Web Viewer uploads.
  • Add landscape mode to PDF output for CMF.
  • Ended support for macOS Catalina. macOS Big Sur is the new minimum version.
  • Added support for Parasolid V35, NX v2206
  • Added support for export colors with folders.
  • TIFF images are now compressed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a “Cannot load library” message to to appear in Network Rendering logs.
  • Keep HDRI Editor canvas on top of main window.
  • The DPI setting is now output to images as metadata.



  • Speed-up improvements when closing down KeyShot or creating a new scene.
  • Reduce noise in glossy reflections in product mode that was introduced in KeyShot 11.3.
  • Redesigned Web Viewer upload dialog to feature presets and simplified controls.
  • The Physics Tool should now work on systems with ARM.
  • Fixed an issue on Area Lights where the back- and front side of the material were flipped.
  • Fixed a Studio issue that could cause an incorrect Environment to load when reloading a scene.
  • Fixed memory issue when enabling motion blur on animated area lights.
  • Fixed a crash in Smooth Global Illumination while in interior mode on ARM Processors.
  • Fixed an issue in AxF materials that could cause the color to be slightly off.
  • Improved performance of the the Realtime-view when having a Curve enabled Photographic Image Style.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when working with materials.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause KeyShot to stop responding when assigning a real cloth material on Apple Silicon systems.
  • Fixed a number of issues in the studios workflow.
  • Adjusted bump height in exported USD and GLB files, to improve support of these in other applications.
  • Fixed an issue in blend modes for the Color Composite node in the material graph.
  • Fixed an issue in the color some AxF types.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when importing geometry while motion blur is active.
  • Improoved speed when searching in the Scenetree.

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